San Francisco Bay & Ocean Fishing Report

Report Updated Jan. 11, 2013


The overall fishing scene in the Bay & out the Gate is slow. Rock fishing is closed and boats are mainly prepping to focus on crab/sand dab trips….when the weather cooperates.

I talked to Capt James Smit on Thursday at the ISE show and he said that the market squid spawn was immense out where he crabs and that, when the little critters hatch, the ocean will be alive with feed. Good news for all local fish species!

Inside the bay, there are some sturgeon & bass hanging in San Pablo around the Pumphouse area. Chatting with Super Angler Angelo Cuanang yesterday backstage at the California Sportsmen’s Theatre, he noted that he and his brother Angelo caught herring in the South Bay, so it looks like a spawn is about to happen.

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About San Francisco Bay

With the amount of urbanization that surrounds San Francisco Bay, it’s a wonder there are any fish here at all. But fish there are! Stripers, halibut and sturgeon make up the Bay’s Big 3 and Chinook salmon pass through here en route to their spawning rivers every fall, too. You’ve also got hard-pulling sharks like leopards, soupfins and sevengills, not to mention rockfish and lingcod. For the light tackle enthusiast, there’s also plenty of perch and jacksemlt and a few starry flounder.

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Photos from the Bay

Where two worlds collide...

Where two worlds collide…

Morning run to the fishing grounds

Morning run to the fishing grounds

There's good sturgeon fishing near the Mothball Fleet

There’s good sturgeon fishing near the Mothball Fleet