Yuba River Fishing Report

Report Updated Feb. 10, 2014


That weekend storm dumped on the Yuba drainage and the river went from a trickle to a raging torrent in short order!

Flows Monday were up to 7,400 cfs and climbing! While the fishing will be on hold here for awhile, this is exactly what the river needed!


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Lower Yuba River map

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About the Lower Yuba River

The Lower Yuba can really be considered two rivers — the 12-mile stretch from the mouth up to Daguerre Point Dam and the section from Daguerre up to the Englebright Dam. The lower section is not much of a fishery anymore — a few trout here and there and some good shad and striped bass fishing in high water years but that’s about it. Migrating species like salmon and steelhead negotiate the lower river quickly and are difficult to catch.

The few miles of the Yuba immediately above and below the Highway 20 bridge, however, support a prolific wild rainbow trout fishery and produces nice fish in the 13- to 20-inch range. In the fall, the river gets invaded with a bunch of 15- to 17-inch half-pint steelies but winter fish to 12 pounds are occasionally taken as well.

The Yuba’s a single barbless, artificials only stretch, so leave the nightcawlers and Power Bait at home.

You can access the river right at the bridge and hike either up or downstream. A few miles up, your access is blocked by the Yuba Narrows, a steep, rocky canyon — and some seriously grumpy locals as well.

Tying the Poor Man’s Glo Bug for steelies

Species of the Lower Yuba River


Resident Rainbow Trout

American Shad


Photos from the Lower Yuba

Above Highway 20...just below the mouth of the Yuba Narrows

Above Highway 20...just below the mouth of the Yuba Narrows

About 2 miles above the Highway 20 bridge

About 2 miles above the Highway 20 bridge

Daguerre Point Diversion Dam

Daguerre Point Diversion Dam