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Report Updated Feb. 6, 2014


The SF Eel should blow out sometime Saturday and reach up over 6,000 cfs at Sylvendale and will likley dr op back out quickly the next week. When it does…BOOM!!! The bite should be on!! The Main will move more slowly but should get over 16,000 cfs by the end of the weekend. This is all good news as it will allow fish to finally get to where they need to go!

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Main Stem Eel River map

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About Main Stem Eel River

The “Main” as it is known is technically the stretch of river from the bay up to the mouth of the South Fork Eel. In that stretch, you can find some excellent catch and release fishing for fall chinook and steelhead. The big native steelies that call the river home can top 20 pounds on occasion and are among some of the best fighting fish you’ll encounter in freshwater. Kings to 50 pound used to be fairly common, too.

Because of decades worth of heavy logging in its headwaters, the Main Eel muds up quickly after a rain and can stay off-color for weeks on end. Hit it as she’s just dropping into shape, however, and you can have some incredible days of fishing…

How to Boonedogg for Steelhead
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Species of the Main Stem Eel

Winter Steelhead

Fall Chinook
October-December. All kings must be released unharmed.

Photos from the Eel River


The \”Main\”

South Fork Eel, just above the

South Fork Eel, just above the “Forks.”

Below Sylvendale

Below Sylvendale

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