Top 3 Giant Halibut of 2011

Holy beer batter Batman, 2011 may just go down as the “Year of the Halibut!” There were three absolute monsters taken last fall that are more in the “blimp hangar door” class than barn doors.

First up is this one above from Norway which weighed an almost hard to fathom 539 pounds! Here’s the link

This monster came from the waters off Gustavus, Alaska (near Glacier Bay) and was 95 inches long and weighed 482.5 pounds! Read more at Bloody Decks

Then there was the one from Iceland that tipped the scales to 485 pounds! See more at Outdoor Life


  1. Butch Krauth says

    It must take a bazooka to get those things on board, I remember a 43 pound California Halibut I pulled in off Moss Landing that nearly destroyed my boat, tackle box, and rod!

  2. brion says

    Damn ! I caught a 125 lber that fillled the freezer for a year. Can’t imagine how long it would take to eat one of those !!

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