77-lb. Rhode Island Striped Bass just shy of the world record!

Peter Peter Vican, with his 77-pound, 4 ouncer. Back in 2008, he caught a 76 pounder!! We're not worthy...we're not worthy!

Peter Vican strikes again! The angler who, in 2008 landed a 76-pound, 14-ounce Rhode Island state record striped bass, put another feather in his cap on Sunday, June 19, 2011 when he bested this massive 77-pound, 4 ouncer! The beast is under a pound and a half under the All-Tackle world record and measured an impressive 52 inches and was a solid 35 inches around nearly nose to tail.

The mammoth bass sucked down a live eel near Block Island at 3:30 AM.

All I can say is damn!!! To read the entire account of he story, click here: BoatingLocal.com


  1. Greg I says

    in 1932 a 129lb striped bass was taken by a commercial netter proving that striped bass come in several genetic groups. Striped bass exist in back woods Arkansas river and grow to 70lbs here but rarely caught as no one uses correct gear to take them.

    Stripers even exist in the mouth of the colorado river near mexico!!
    They grow as fast as food suppplies allow and the x factor is their genetic make up of the stain from which they were born.

    • Jake says

      I don’t think it matters what you think. The guy is proud of his fish, and you’re jealous. Hell I’d keep it too.

  2. Josh "100lbs club" Jordan says

    Man thats awesome. I uesd to catch 5lbs to 20 lbs stripers out at lake Mead (before the water was down 130ft) on live shad and man did they fight. Stripping line like crazy. I can only imagine what a 77 pounder would feel like. Pure insanity…

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