Why we love Oregon (Reason #472): Bait Vending Machines!

Now, if they only sold beer...

Our pal, T-Rex just got home from a road trip in Oregon, where he found what just may be the world’s coolest invention…the vending machine bait shop!

T-Rex said he fund the little bugger late at night in a dark parking lot (we didn’t ask) near the Willamette River and was stoked to find it better stocked than a lot of big shops.

“The contents included: cured sand shrimp in both orange and pink and tubs of roe, too,” he says.” It was red bait but looked better than most stuff you find in tackle shops. There was also a good stock of lead terminal tackle. They had plenty of Gamakastu hooks, mainline and leader material (no flouro). There were jars of Pautzke’s Ball o’ Fire, night crawlers, and even insect repellent! I’ve never seen anything like this in my life!”

And then he dropped the kicker…the vending machine bait prices were low! But I’ll let T-Rex tell it…

“This shit’s C-H-E-A-P!” he says. “The shrimp was decently priced and the tubs of roe were by far the cheapest I’ve seen in years! Right on Oregon!”

Right one, indeed!


  1. Norm says

    I agree that Oregon rocks, but don’t leave out Cali on this one. Norm’s Big Fish Bait and Tackle in Seal Beach California has had a bait vending machine outside for many years now. They even had at one point, live ghost shrimp for the early risers out chasing the surf and back bay fare. I’ll take a picture next time I travel south and send it to you.

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