Steelhead Stalkers UV Yarn Reviewed

Well, the weather outside is abominable so I figured it was a good time to do some prepping for steelhead season — which includes tying up a whole bunch of Yarnies. That, of course, gave me the perfect opportunity to try out some of Steelhead Stalkers’ new UV yarn. I’ve actually been anxious to tie with this stuff for quite awhile and just hadn’t had the opportunity until the deluge outside started. Here’s what I found…

Steelhead Stalkers claims theirs is a premium grade of yarn that is super soft and is dyed and treated with a UV finish that will never fade…all properties that make it unique. The first thing you’ll notice when you bust this stuff out, however, is the size of the yarn is much different from the stuff you’re used to…

Steelhead Stalkers (below) compared to regular Glo Bug yarn

To the touch, Steelhead Stalkers yarn feels a lot like fine cashmere (the things you learn when you’re married!)…in other words, it is extremely soft. When I started tying with it, I found that that made it super easy to cut, which I really appreciated when it came down to the trimming part of the process.

Learn how to tie Yarnies HERE

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve no doubt heard that UV is the biggest craze in fishing right now. I honestly have not spent a whole lot of time playing with stuff that’s UV treated versus lures that aren’t, but the research and anecdotal evidence from anglers I know all suggest that it’s pretty legit. The basic gist is this: while humans don’t see UV light, fish (& birds) are able to view it…even when colors from the regular light spectrum peter out in deep or dark water. It stands to reason, then, that in the case of steelhead fishing, a UV-treated Yarnie would be more visible to a fish in darker water. That’s one of those things you just kinda have to take my word for. Here’s how UV yarn looks to a fish…

White, orange and pink (Left to right)

Okay, so after tying up a hundred plus Yarnies with the Steelhead Stalkers yarn, I can say that it is much easier to work with…it trims up nicely and doesn’t require much effort to cut. But how does it look in the form of a steelhead offering? Well, underwater, the stuff fluffs out great and has an extremely life-like, vibrant quality to it.

Lots of good movement and pulsating action!

And I think the soft fibers of this yarn are more buoyant than other brands. It took some doing to get this thing to sink in my test tank. Check out the air bubbles caught in the fibers.

The UV Yarn rides high

Really, how much different does this look than an nice bait of natural eggs and some skein snot?

Add some scent and you're in business

Overall, I think I’ve found my new favorite egg and Yarnie tying material in Steelhead Stalkers UV Yarn. It was easy to use, looks great in the water and floats really high. The yarnies came out much more “full-bodied” and held their shape better than ones I’ve twisted up with other yarns. As an added bonus, the fluff from all the trimming didn’t seem to stick to my clothes as much as the other yarns. This is pretty sweet stuff…the only drawback being is it’s a bit more expensive than other yarns. While packs of both the UV stuff and other brands all are around the $3 range, I blew through a lot more raw material when using Steelhead Stalkers than the others. But, when you’re talking a better overall product that could help me catch more steelhead…who cares?

Now, if the river would just drop...


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      Hey Justin,

      You get 30-32 inches per pack of yarn. It is three times the diameter of glo-bug so it averages about 8-10 feet of yarn if you are comparing the two. You can use a lot less material to make the same size of yarnies because of how thick and fluffy it is. Hope this helps!

  1. Dale Thomson says

    I don’t see a step by step of how to tie a glo-bug or yarn ball on your site as indicated in your article in STS and I am a real novice and would like to learn how to do it. Thanks.

  2. says

    We have a list of the shops that are carrying the yarn on our web site. I’m not sure where you are located so I don’t know the closest retailer, but if you have one in mind we will be sure to contact them.

  3. says

    Thanks for the review JD! Love the pictures.

    At this time there are no shops in CA carrying our yarn. His Tackle Box has contacted us and I just sent out some samples along with info. I lived in Chico for four years and fished the feather and sac a lot for salmon, steelhead and trout and will be making a road trip to that area in a month or so to get it in some of the fly and tackle shops. We have our yarn available online at the link below.

    Thanks again for the great write up JD. Now if only the rivers would drop up here in Oregon we could get into some fish. I did land my first winter of the year two days ago but now the water is back up. Good luck to everyone this winter.

  4. says

    Thanks Adam. As far as where to find it, I’d just get onto their website and email or call ’em. I’m sure they can point ya in the right direction.

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    Jd! Great article. I really enjoy your site. Honestly it’s one of the more progressive UP-2-DATE and imformative on the planet, really. Thanks so much for what you do.

    I just got a new vise and it looks like we’re on the same page. I just pulled out my box-o-yarn last night in preperation for the upcoming steelie season. But this stuff looks real cool. Any idea where i can “walk-in” and buy some? As opposed to online?

    Thanks Jd.

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