Buzz Ramsey’s hot new springer rig

Kinda like peanut butter & chocolate…”two great tastes that taste great together,” the herring and Spin-N-Glo rig combines two of the best all-time salmon producers into one package…and is the hottest thing going right now for Columbia River spring Chinook.

Northwest icon and fishing god, Buzz Ramsey shows us how to rig this clever springer killer over at Northwest Wild Country.


  1. Bentley says

    Ohhh, JD and da boyz got plenty mo’ better rigs that we’ve kept secret!
    If we showed ’em here, we’d have to inflict a killer virus on ya! LOL Right JD?

  2. says

    Been using a simular rig for years except I do not puncture the bait, Use dental rubber bands instead. This way your bait looks more natural, no blemishes.
    I actually cut the Spin N Glow behind the wings and insert the plastic tube into it and glue it. If you want a slight wobble inset your tube at a slight angle.
    I have now switched from Spin N Glows to Smile blades by Mack’s Lures, the larger blades make this simplistc and very productive.
    Simply cut the tube and insert the Smile blade one drop of glue to each side.

    Fish ON!

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