Santa Cruz anglers get salmon on opener

Anglers fishing the salmon opener along the California coast were generally met with some tough conditions — wind and a big swell — and a scratch bite. However, there were some fish caught out of Bodega and San Francisco…but the best bite was down south in Santa Cruz (just like I predicted).

The fish were all pretty deep (100+ feet down) and were typical early season 6 to 12 pounders, though a few kings to 25 pounds were taken. For the breakdown in Santa Cruz, check out Bayside Marine.


  1. Ray Fairfax says

    Always get a good night’s sleep before heading out opening day. And skip the extra strong coffee. We quit at 10:00AM, due to the captain (yours truly) chumming profusely. I had to endure my neighbor’s story of limits caught between 11:00 and noon. From the very area we left earlier.

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