Giant Sturgeon found in Lake Shasta!


Look what turned up on Lake Shasta the other day…200+ pounds of dinosaur! Dan Frost was fishing in a bass tournament when he stumbled across this big ol’ slab of white meat. The crazy thing is, this fish probably lived in the Sacramento River before Shasta Dam was built!

Too bad it didn’t count in the tourney…now that’s a kicker fish!!

Read the entire story here: Redding Record Searchlight


  1. Ron of So Cal says

    I was there for a week this summer. I’m not sure I would of let my kids swim in the lake with that thing lurking below. I bet he can eat!

  2. says

    I don’t know the guy..I wasn’t there…but that’s one damn big head on that fish and I guarantee there’s quite a bit of sturgeon body and tail laying on the deck still…he’s not lifting the entire weight of the fish in the pic.

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