Mad River Mfg. Worm Jigs

It’s no secret that pink plastic worms are deadly on steelhead, but we’ve pretty much been flogged endlessly with every possible way to use them a hundered times over, right?

Well, not exactly…Take a look at the possibilities that Mad River Manufacturing’s new Worm Jigs offer and you may see pink worms in a totally new light.


Mad River Mfg., already the industry leader in pink worm technology, recently introduced it’s slick new Worm Jigs in 3- and 4-inch sizes. They come in several “anadramous” colors — Glo Pink, Pink Pearl, Methiolite, Bubble Gum and Pink/Chartreuse tail — and three different lead head sizes: 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4. In other words, there’s probably a worm in the lineup that will cover most situations you’ll encounter.

They also come stock with No. 1 or 1/0 Owner X-Strong hooks to ensure you keep a hold of any big bruisers you may happen to hook.

A New Twist

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve all heard and read about drifting pink worms and backtrolling them behind divers…yada, yada, yada…but with Worm Jigs, you have some new options. The obvious method involves suspending them under a float for steelhead, but I’ve also found them very effective when fished on the swing through tailouts.

Worm Jigs also can be just the ticket for moody coho when fished with a hopping motion just above the bottom. I’ve also done well on them dead drifted under floats for chum — and of course, trout and dollies will gobble them up.

In short, Mad River Mfg.’s really onto something wit these babies and I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to use them that have yet to be discovered…

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  1. Sajha Eden says

    Hi! I’m fishing again just recently as an adult (I fished all the time as a little girl in Illinois) and despite the fishing guides I’m confused about what legal bait I can use when fishing, in March, for steelhead and salmon on the Mad River near the hatchery in Blue Lake Ca. The guides seem to say only barb-less hooks and artificial bait can be used. Friends say I can use roe, worms or foods, such as chicken or lunch meat. Can anyone give me a definitive answer? Thanks! Sajha

    • norman daggett says

      actually you can fish them with a weight, if your boat is anchord in the river it is best to use split shot above a swivel with atleast a 2 ft leader and you want to make sure its not sitting on bottom you should be able to see rod slightly go up and down wether holding the pole or in pole holder, let this happen for about 10-15 mins no bites let line out a couple feet. ps this works best around limbs and rocks .

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