Alabama Rig Ban Grows

Add yet another place to the list of waters where the controversial Alabama Rig is now illegal…all of the freshwater in the state of New Hampshire. The “Live Free or Die” State joins Ohio, Tennessee and Minnesota in banning the rig. It’s also illegal to use in parts of many other states and I’m sure we have not heard the last of this!

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B.A.S.S. bans Alabama Rig in Elite Series Events & Classic

Alabama Rig: Too deadly, says B.A.S.S.

The castable umbrella known as the “Alabama Rig,” which turned the bass fishing world on its ear just a few months back, has officially been banned in B.A.S.S. Elite Series tournaments and the Bassmaster Classic.

Elite Series Rules Committee members believe the rig eliminates some of the skill that should be required in tournament competition at the highest level. “It doesn’t matter how you work it,” said one of the anglers. “The fish can’t help themselves.”

Our resident bassin’ expert and professional angler, Big Fred Contaoi, is excited about the ruling.

“The rig can be hard on the fish…you may get one of the lures in the mouth but others can snag fish in vital areas like the belly,” he says. “Outlawing it levels the playing field again I wish other tournament series would follow suit.”

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The Alabama Rig: The hottest thing going in the Bass World!

Coming to a bass lake near you!

If you haven’t heard about it by now, let me introduce you to the biggest breakthrough in bass fishing to come down the pike since the SENKO: The Alabama Rig.

Some pros have been using this thing for years: The Alabama Rig is basically an umbrella rig like they use for stripers in the ocean on the East Coast that has several lures attached to it. Swimbaits, grubs, jerk shad and even spinnerbaits work well with it and what you end up with is a “school of fish” effect.

Well, the cat’s outta the bag now thanks to Paul Elias’ dominant win at on at last week’s Walmart FLW Tour stop on Lake Guntersville. Elias blew the field completely outta the water and that set the bass world abuzz and anglers everywhere scrambling to find these rigs. Expect many production editions coming to a shop near you soon, including the “Rago Baitball,” designed by veteran pro Jerry Rago, who’s been secretly using the umbrella rig for years. Rago’s version will be available through Tackle Warehouse soon.

The Rago Baitball

Experts predict that the Alabama Rig will completely change and perhaps ruin many lakes for a few years and then the bass will get used to it and everybody will be onto the next big thing. Before you run out and buy one, be sure to check your state’s regulations to see how many lures you can legally use on one line. Read more HERE