Taxidermy Gone Bad: Welcome to Texas Edition

So, just say you wanted to get the perfect gift for that special someone on your holiday list. Yea, something that really says you care…a gift that says “you’re really important in my life.”

You know, maybe like a stuffed armadillo swillin’ suds for example.

Where would you find such a masterpiece? I’m glad you asked!!

Roving FishWithJD reporter, Rod VinSteel, just landed in Houston last night and couldn’t help but notice this wonderful piece of Taxidermy Gone Bad…in the airport gift shop, where this little bugger was actually available for purchase!

I’m loving the image if VinSteel with this thing on his lap on the flight back to CA!

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Taxidermy Gone Bad: Downer Steelie Edition

Okay, so I am not too proud to say that I’ve had a day here and there over the years when a downer steelhead saved my bacon on a tough guide trip. However, I can also honestly say that I have never once considered mounting one (or eating one for that matter). But hey, to each their own right?

I’m not sure what the story here is, but I just thought this mount would make a nice addition to our Taxidermy Gone Bad section.

Taxidermy Gone Bad: Double Feature Edition!

You might wanna mix in a sandwich now and then, guys!

I know, I know…it’s been awhile since I posted some truly bad taxidermy for all you aficionados to enjoy, but the wait is over! I stumbled onto these two dandies on the same wall and figured you could appreciate the beauty of the largemouth above and the…uh…smallmouth I guess on the bottom! Both appear to have survived a couple Armageddons and maybe a tornado or two.

About all I can say about these skinny guys is: eeeeewwwwwwww! To see more, be sure to click on our Taxidermy Gone Bad section!

Taxidermy Gone Bad: The Yellowfaced Salmopike Edition

Bad science meets bad taxidermy!

So, what do you get when you mix ill-advised genetic meddling and piss-poor taxidermy skills? The hideous Yellow-faced Salmopike, of course, which looks to be a Chinook x Northern Pike hybrid mounted by a 2-year-old hopped up on baby Motrin.

Many thanks to reader Ross Dollarhide, who spotted this dandy and snapped the pic. If you’re like me — a lover of really crappy mounts, be sure to click here to see more fine examples of Taxidermy Gone Bad.

Taxidermy Gone Bad: Wolfman for the wall Edition

I'm not sure if he's laughing or about to eviscerate somebody!

Hhere it is…the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on your shopping list! You know, the person who has everything…well, I bet they don’t have a sadistic-looking boar’s head to hang on the wall! Or perhaps your living is lacking that one piece that pulls everything together…well, look no further. This guy may just be the thing for which you’ve been searching. Just think what a conversation piece it is! “Hey babe, why don’t ya come on over so I can show you my decapitated hog!”

This fine piece of Taxidermy Gone Bad comes to us from field scout and Nor Cal river guide, Tony Sepulveda, who stumbled onto it in an antique furniture store in San Francisco’s Mission District. Sadly, the management was pretty proud of the vile wall hanging and it was out of his price range…but that’s good new for you: It’s still available!

Taxidermy Gone Bad: The Steelhead of Pompeii Edition

It’s been awhile since I stumbled onto some Taxidermy Gone Bad, but I found this gem a few days back. It seems that rainbow trout and steelies, two of the world’s most vibrant creatures, are particularly vulnerable to bad mount jobs…it’s just not that easy to recreate the color schemes these fish sport when alive. Mix that with a few decades up on the wall, plenty of exposure to fluorescent lighting and a 1/4-inch of dust …and PRESTO!…you’ve got a trout that is either coming down with the flu or looks like he was maybe swallowed up and cast solid in the ash flowing down from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

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Taxidermy Gone Bad: Rigor Mortis Catfish Edition!

Trout...tastes just like cicken liver!

You know I love bad taxidermy, so I couldn’t resist snapping a quick pic of this dandy piece of craftsmanship hanging in the Tackle Box Cafe at Lake Amador in Northern California.

Well, at least we now know what’s killing the trout at Amador…

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Taxidermy Gone Bad Steel Cage Match!

It’s been awhile since I’ve run into some really lousy taxidermy, but when I do it often comes in spurts. Such was the case in a little Nor Cal pizza joint the other night….when I lucked into these two fine specimen…on the same wall!

I was immediately torn as to which one to include in our always popular Taxidermy Gone Bad section, so I decided I’d let these two toads go at it in our first ever Steel Cage match. Check out the contenders and then vote for the winner below!

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