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Salmon on Dry Flies…The Movie!

Dry Fly salmonOkay, so humpies aren’t Alaska’s most beloved salmon. But, I tell you what…throw some topwater at ‘em and they’re a blast! YEEEEHAAAAWWW!!! By the way, sorry for the shaky camera work, but I was casting and working the fly with one hand and filming with the other! :)

JD heads north to Alaska for some super fun topwater dry fly salmon action!

Why Wyoming is Rad!

Wyoming makes a lot of the high country trout fishing we have here in the Sierra’s look like child’s play.

The jumbo goldens, cutthroat and hybrids in this video are enough to make you drool…though maybe not smile.

Not sure why the guy in the pix looks hacked off in every shot…maybe he knows he’s gotta go back home to 6-inch bookies in California! :)