You need to see this movie: “Wild Reverence…The Wild Steelhead’s Last Stand”

Here’s the trailer for an amazing film about wild steelhead and their collective plight. Director Shane Anderson grew up fishing the streams of Northern California and reports that, despite the epic drought we are suffering through, our streams are holding up better than most of those in the Pacific Northwest.

You can rent or buy it at and also go see screenings of the flick on a large screen on Sept. 20 in Tahoe City, CA at 6pm and 9pm at the new theater the Tahoe Art Haus. Catch it in Arcata, CA Sept. 25 at 6:30pm at the Arcata theater lounge.

Salmon on Dry Flies…The Movie

Dry Fly salmonOkay, so humpies aren’t Alaska’s most beloved salmon. But, I tell you what…throw some topwater at ’em and they’re a blast! YEEEEHAAAAWWW!!! By the way, sorry for the shaky camera work, but I was casting and working the fly with one hand and filming with the other! :)

JD heads north to Alaska for some super fun topwater dry fly salmon action!