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Westlands Water Distrct: Using $$ to make it rain in the desert

Westlands Water District has been the number one enemy to California’s $1.4 billion salmon industry for a long time and the Nation’s largest agricultural district shows no signs of slowing.

But before we start, how do you have the nation’s biggest ag water outfit in a desert? Just doesn’t make much sense does it?

Well, Westlands spends tons of cash to keep it that way. In lobbying alone, they spent $600,000 last year to keep water flowing south out of Northern California’s drought-stricken rivers.

Then you have Paramount Farms in Kern County, owned by billionaires Lynda and Stewart Resnick of Los Angeles.

The Resnicks don’t hire lobbyists at the federal level, but they’re generous campaign contributors. They and people who work for their companies have given nearly $457,000 to candidates, political action and party committees since 2011. That includes nearly $321,000 from the Resnicks themselves.

Water goes where the money flows!

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Water Mongers pushing Bill that would take water from salmon!


It never ends with these people: Senator Dianne Feinstein is pushing a bill, S.2198, that calls for making more northern California water available to corporate ag interests in the western San Joaquin Valley desert at the expense of salmon.

The bill would do this for as long as Governor Brown’s drought declaration remains in effect.

Salmon fishermen and supporters are opposed. We don’t think it’s wise to pass federal legislation that enables unsustainable over-consumption of water by those who chose to grow in a desert.
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Plug Fishing for River Salmon

How to Catch River Salmon on Plugs: The new eBook!

Pulling plugs like Kwikfish, FlatFish, Brad’s, etc. is one of the most fun – and productive – ways to catch king salmon in rivers.

Yet, based on all the emails I get throughout the year, people have a lot of questions about the subject:

  • How do I properly tune and wrap plugs?
  • How far should I run them behind the boat?
  • Which colors, styles and sizes work best?
  • And so on…

So, to help you get out there and feel more confident about your plug fishing – and catch more fish in the process – I have put together a comprehensive guide on the subject that covers rigging, tackle & lure selection, plug wrapping & tuning, back-bouncing, flatlining and a whole lot more… all for less than you’d pay for a single salmon plug, just $3.99.

Buy Now

This book is available on:

Amazon Kindle
PDF Format

Here’s a little sample of what’s inside: In addition to many color photos, you’ll find lots of how-to diagrams and rigging photos…
Back bounce rig diagram

The book will have plenty of helpful diagrams!
The book will have plenty of helpful diagrams!

Check it out!

Coming Soon: Plug Fishing for River Salmon eBook

Just in time for salmon season: The next eBook in my how-to series: Plug Fishing for River Salmon will be available soon at Amazon, Nook and iTunes (you can also get a PDF version). This one’s the biggest and baddest of them all so far…packed full of tips, tricks and in-depth how-to info on how to catch kings with plugs like FlatFish and Kwikfish, etc.

Plug Fishing for River Salmon features close-up gear shots so you can see exactly what to use and how to rig it!
Plug Fishing for River Salmon features close-up gear shots so you can see exactly what to use and how to rig it!

In it, I cover in detail Back-Bouncing,Flat-Lining, Hovering, Plug Wraps, Plug Selection, Tuning and a bunch of other cool stuff I employ every single day on the water!

There are tons of color pics of gear and rigs (and fish too!), plus full color diagrams to help you understand the concepts. Stay tuned…I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go!

The book will have plenty of helpful diagrams!
The book will have plenty of helpful diagrams!
Salmon Season

Guided Salmon Fishing Trips 2014

Well, it’s almost here…the 2014 king salmon season in Northern California! The season opens on the Valley rivers July 16 and will go into December. The forecast is for a solid run of salmon this year, so we should see another summer/fall of good fishing.

Guided Fishing Schedule

• Jet boat salmon fishing on the Sacramento River near Chico: August
• Drift boat salmon/steelhead on the Trinity River: September
• Jet Boat salmon on the Sacramento River near Sacramento: October/November

Fish on!
Fish on!

Guided Trip Info

For more info about trips, click over to my guide website:

Some action from the Sac last year…

Steelhead Return to Malibu Lagoon!

Malibu Lagoon
Malibu Creek in Southern California was once a good producer of wild steelhead. But you know the story…civilization popped up all around the creek and it got completely trashed. Well, that’s changing now. There’s a big restoration effort going on in Malibu Lagoon, which is the creek’s estuary, which has been channelized, dewatered and filled with construction debris for decades.

Apparently, the effort is working! On May 15, a 20-inch adult steelhead was spotted swimming in the lagoon — while there have been a few adult fish in the creek itself in recent years, a steelie hasn’t been spotted in the estuary for over a decade.

The restoration work is moving along nicely!
The restoration work is moving along nicely!

You can read more about the lagoon HERE

Also be sure to check out the Malibu Lagoon Restoration Project

Now, we need to get rid of this baby further up Malibu Creek…Rindge Dam:

Rindge Dam: Blocking steelhead for decades
Rindge Dam: Blocking steelhead for decades