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Salmon Season

Guided Salmon Fishing Trips 2014

Well, it’s almost here…the 2014 king salmon season in Northern California! The season opens on the Valley rivers July 16 and will go into December. The forecast is for a solid run of salmon this year, so we should see another summer/fall of good fishing.

Guided Fishing Schedule

• Jet boat salmon fishing on the Sacramento River near Chico: August
• Drift boat salmon/steelhead on the Trinity River: September
• Jet Boat salmon on the Sacramento River near Sacramento: October/November

Fish on!
Fish on!

Guided Trip Info

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Some action from the Sac last year…

Steelhead Return to Malibu Lagoon!

Malibu Lagoon
Malibu Creek in Southern California was once a good producer of wild steelhead. But you know the story…civilization popped up all around the creek and it got completely trashed. Well, that’s changing now. There’s a big restoration effort going on in Malibu Lagoon, which is the creek’s estuary, which has been channelized, dewatered and filled with construction debris for decades.

Apparently, the effort is working! On May 15, a 20-inch adult steelhead was spotted swimming in the lagoon — while there have been a few adult fish in the creek itself in recent years, a steelie hasn’t been spotted in the estuary for over a decade.

The restoration work is moving along nicely!
The restoration work is moving along nicely!

You can read more about the lagoon HERE

Also be sure to check out the Malibu Lagoon Restoration Project

Now, we need to get rid of this baby further up Malibu Creek…Rindge Dam:

Rindge Dam: Blocking steelhead for decades
Rindge Dam: Blocking steelhead for decades

25-Pound Mack

Hot Big Fish Bite at Tahoe!

He’s at it again…Mike Nielsen of Tahoe Topliners checked in on Friday before Memorial Day with some tales of the lunkers he’s been catching at Lake Tahoe lately. Mike is probably the best charter skipper on the lake, responsible for setting a couple lake records for brown trout, just missing the state record for kokanee last season and tons of big macks, including this 38.5-inch, 25-pound, 10-ounce mackinaw.

Mike said the fish hit a Rapala dragged along the South Shore in about 50 feet of water and took over 25 minutes to subdue. Fishing was so good today that he had his 8-fsh limit for his clients in a busy hour and 15 minute session (which included the fight time on the big fish). In fact, his guys landed two fish during the battle!

But that’s not all that Mikey’s been up to later. He’s had a good spring of catching browns, including this dandy…Tahoe Brown

As if that weren’t enough, Mike says Tahoe looks primed to have a banner kokanee season as well in 2014. The state record was set here last season and limits of landlocked salmon were already showing up in early April. The fish have been big, too…he’s already caught a couple fish in the 2.5-pound class and that means August should really pump out some slabs.
Tahoe jokes are big this year!

Looks like a good summer to be on the big blue lake!

New Mexico Angler Busted with 1,600 Dead Trout in Possession

Image courtesy of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.
Image courtesy of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

Armed with an anonymous tip, New Mexico wildlife officials searched the home of Bounchanh Bounsombath of Clovis, New Mexico, and found over 1,600 rainbow trout!

Bounsombath, 62, was arrested Monday, May 12, and admitted to catching all the fish at Green Acres Lake and Denis Chaves Pond in northwest Clovis.

Scumbag poachers like that should be fed to the fish!!!!!

Read more at:

This bodes well for summer fishing: Biologists say Monterey Bay is like an “ocean buffet — open for business.”

20140518-223212.jpgNutrient-rich upwellings have been strong this spring in Monterey Bay and the area is chock full of sea life from krill and anchovies to salmon…and all the way up the line to whales.

It’s great to hear some good news about the ocean!

There’s an interesting article on that describes the upwelling process and the amazing explosion of life it creates.

They also acknowledge that a healthy bay is good for business too…a concept I’m always preaching: healthy fisheries are good for the economy!

Read more HERE

Police seek “fish bandits” who released 25,000 steelhead

20140514-031605.jpgThe Wild Fish Conservancy is completely off its rocker and sued the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife until it agreed to stop planting hatchery steelhead in all but one river in the Puget Sound basin.

By doing so, this self righteous group has deeply affected the livelihoods of many and the recreational heritage of countless others.

The Conservancy’s actions have also caused folks to turn to desperate measures. Case in point: somebody broke into Tokul Creek hatchery recently and released 25,000 juvenile steelhead back into the creek, which normally hosts a very popular fishery.

Read more HERE