CA considers lead sinker ban

Ca-considers-lead-sinker-banSeveral states in the Union have banned lead fishing weights and California could be next on the list. Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed off on a three-year study at his Department of Toxic Substances Control to thoroughly examine the environmental impact of lead tackle and consider outlawing it. You can get more info at Outdoorhub

The public comment period ends Oct. 2 and you can have your voice heard HERE

If you want to speak out against the lead ban, the California Sportfishing League has started a petition to stop the ban

Water Chillers & Egg Injection: Desperate Measures to Counter Fish Loss During California Drought


With rivers running very low and unseasonably warm this fall, Federal and State fishery managers in California are scrambling to ensure salmon, trout and steelhead aren’t devastated  by drought conditions.

Ground was broken this week to install a $1 million water chiller at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery on the American River. The giant refrigeration unit will keep the  water cool enough inside the hatchery so that the fish won’t perish. A similar unit was added to the Livingston Stone Hatchery at the base of Shasta Dam earlier this summer to protect endangered winter-run Chinook fry from water temps in the high 60’s.

Fish heads are also considering a practice called egg injection on the Sacramento, in which Chinook eggs are raised in a hatchery until water temperatures in the river cool enough. At that point, the eggs would be injected into the gravel with a hose and then left to hatch naturally. The method, never used before in California, has shown great results in parts of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

You can read much more HERE

First salmon spotted in upper Elwah River in 102 years


For the first time in over a century, adult Chinook salmon are returning to the upper Elwah River in Washington State!

Thanks to the nation’s largest dam removal and river restoration project chinook salmon, along with coho, chum, sockeye, and pink salmon along with steelhead trout now have access to the pristine watershed above the two former damn sites.

Very cool!

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Mines and Rivers don’t mix

(Photo credit: Jesus Ballesteros/Expreso/
Talk about destruction! Last month, 10 million gallons of copper sulfate acid was spilled from a copper mine into Northern Mexico’s Sonora and Bacanuchi rivers, 25 miles south of the Arizona border.

The water turned into a toxic mustard-like substance, killing all critters in it and majorly impacting water supplies.

Grupo Mexico, the mining giant owned by German Larrea Mota Velasco, is responsible for what is being called the worst ecological disaster in Mexican history.

The estimated cost of the cleanup is reportedly as much as $1 Billion and the mining company is blaming heavy rains for the disaster, though federal and state governments, as well as environmental groups, believe it was provoked by maintenance problems in a tank containing the acid. Read more at

Yet another fine example of why the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska needs to be stopped! If built, it would be one of the world’s largest open pit mines, right at the headwaters of Bristol Bay, which supports a $500 million/year fishing