Columbia River Fall Chinook forecast looking good!


Okay, so you know the drill when it comes to fishery forecasts, right? The basic rule of thumb is never get too excited about talk of projected record runs…that way you won’t be too disappointed when the actual number of returning fish falls way short of expectations (which seems to be the case all too often). That being said, you can make what you want of the very positive outlook for adult fall run Chinook on the Columbia River.

At the moment, the signs are pointing to a very good autumn of fishing. Here’s what the folks at Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife are saying…

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The Mother of all FishWiches!

Heart attack on a bun!

Man, do they like to eat in Wisconsin! I just got back from a week-long trek to America’s Dairyland…and one evening, I ordered a fish sandwich and ended up with Moby on a Bun! All for $6.99 (which included “endless fries”), by the way.

Very tasty, I might add, but just the thought of it had my cardiologist ordering a new set of Ping composite shaft golf clubs. The monster was too much for me and, in fact, I even considered entering it into the Hawg of the Month Contest!

Caught red…er…black handed! (2010 Smoker of the Year Contest entry)

No, we're not acting suspicious, why?

Though the Hennmeister and Ray-Ray appear to be up to no good here, they’re actually not doing anything illegal…though it could be argued that throwing this black beauty into the box is worthy of some sort of fine.

We’re sure glad they made the ill-advised move to step in front of a waiting camera with their prize, however, because it makes a dandy Smoker of the Year Contest entry. Do you have any dark beasts that you’d like to share? You’ve got a chance to win a cool prize…and be the envy of your friends! Send us your pix!

The rainbow that thought it was a king!

Ok, so we didn’t catch this thing on a #22 BWO on 7X, but there’s just something so cool about the idea of tangling with a rainbow trout that’s big enough to grab a K15 Kwikfish intended for salmon. I recently found this old photo of me guiding on the Nushagak River many moons ago and meant to include it in my recent Nushagak Dreamin’ photo essay but it somehow slipped through the cracks.

There just aren’t many places left on earth where big bows like this live…and there will be even fewer if that damn Pebble Mine gets going…but I digress. What an awesome animal, eh?

Fishing’s looking good in the Pacific Northwest!

Reilly with some Oregon chrome

Dang, with California’s salmon and steelhead fisheries limping along and Alaska’s king fishing not looking so hot, you’ve got to love what’s coming out of Oregon and Washington’s Columbia River Basin! Looks like another banner season of summer steelhead fishing is on tap! Check out the latest DAM COUNTS

Pebble Mine exploration permits may be unconstitutional

If it ever goes into full operation, Pebble Mine, located 200 miles southwest of Anchorage, would likely be the worst environmental disaster to ever befall the state. Situated in the headwaters of Bristol Bay, you can pretty much kiss goodbye some of the world’s most prolific salmon and trout streams if Pebble gets going. And here’s a shocker…there may have been some closed door dealings between the State of Alaska and Pebble Limited Partnership when exploration permits for the mine were issued. Wow, what a surprise…Big Cash trumps all!

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Double-Wide Striper! (July Hawg of the Month Contest entry)

Here’s reason to think twice about letting your kids swim in the river this summer! This giant 40-pound striped bass was landed by Mike (“The Headless Angler”) Woodman while fishing with me last month on the American River in Northern California. After a quick photo, the old greybeard striper was released. We hooked the fish on a kid on a boogie board….Kidding of course! A live minnow did the trick.

For his efforts, Woodman (or at least his torso) is entered into our July Hawg of the Month Contest. If you’ve got a big fish from a recent trip, send us the photo…you’ll have a chance at winning a free fishing trip. Details HERE

Globetrotting angler Steve Wozniak closing in on catching his 1000th species

Woz and a surgeonfish (Photo: IGFA)

California angler Steve Wozniak would be the world’s greatest player of our little Name that Fish Game. “Woz” has fished in 61 different countries across the globe in pursuit of catching and documenting 1,000 different species of fish. And he’s getting close. A few exotics on a trip to Hawaii in June got him to 990 and he figures that he should achieve his goal sometime in the not-so-distant future.

“A couple of trips should put me in shouting distance,” said Wozniak. “I’m hoping to get to Norway, Egypt and to the Andaman Islands near India in the Indian Ocean in the next several months, so I have a pretty good shot in 2010. If not, 2011 is the year. It’s getting close.”

In addition to being perhaps the world’s most prolific catcher of different species, Woz is also looking at several of his latest catches maybe getting considered as new IGFA World Records.

To see some of the strange and unusual fish he’s been catching lately, read on…

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