Snagging Tips??


My brother and I were recently fishing here in Colorado, looking mainly for trout, but also for kokanee. At one of the reservoirs, we saw quiet a few people snagging, and bringing up a lot of fish! We found a couple of snagging hooks on some line left there, so we tried it out, but no luck! We thought we were doing it right, and we know the fish were there. I was wondering if maybe someone could give me a few pointers on the basic techniques of snagging.


Well, sorry to say I’m not going to be of much help for ya there! I know there are a bunch of out-of-work Sacramento Valley salmon snaggers that could probably offer some tips, though!


  1. bob says

    mhmm… just snaggthem on the edge of the water, there you will see a big fish hooked by a tripple hook =p

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