1. Vince T says

    JD, I was just checking out your archive article on nightcrawling for spring steelies and think I’ll give it try. Would you recommend threading the crawler as you show here?
    I sure enjoy the site! Thanks, Vince


  1. […] Many 13 years old and catching salmon and steelhead…sweet! At your age, most of us hadn’t yet graduated from bluegill! Anyway, yes pink worms can be very good for late season steelies. I’m not sure how you like to fish, but I have done well drifting them with a Slinky. Perhaps even better for the upper Klamath, which as you know, can be pretty snaggy, try fishing them under a float. If you can get somebody to take you out in the drift boat, backtrolling them behind divers is also deadly. Good luck! Here’s a video that may help get you started: RIGGING PINK WORMS FOR STEELHEAD […]

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