Weather Experts: Chances of Wet Winter in CA not Looking Good

California-droughtAs California withers in an epic drought, weather experts are saying that, despite a possible El Nino event, this winter doesn’t look promising from a precipitation standpoint.

Doug Parker, director of the University of California Institute for Water Resources, said the state would need approximately 150 percent of normal rainfall to pull out of the state’s current drought conditions. At this point, however, the National Weather Service says the “forecast confidence for California is low.”

In fact, droughts have been known to last 15 years in California. Ugh!!

Well, let’s hope the “guys in the know” miss the mark with this one!

Read the whole story here: Auburn Journal

Pavati Driftboat for Sale

I recently took my favorite drift boat of all time back to Pavati (they’re building me a new one) and now it’s for sale…if you are looking for a used price on basically a brand new boat (click HERE for close up pix of all the features in this exact boat) with 3 doors, all the bells and whistles and barely a scratch, give Steve or Chuck a call at Pavati Marine 1-800-866-5269. This boat is beautiful and, with no steelhead season last winter, I only rowed it for about 6 weeks total in two years. The only issue is it has some flaking (cosmetic only) on the clear coat over the diamond plate area.
Pavati Drift Boat for Sale

Three movable seats, in-floor fish box, 3 doors, flat level floors and much more...

Three movable seats, in-floor fish box, 3 doors, flat level floors and much more…

There are a few dings and scratches but not many...

There are a few dings and scratches but not many…

The bottom has an ultra slick bottom coating and just a couple minor dents

The bottom has an ultra slick bottom coating and just a couple minor dents

And yes, she's had some fish blood in her!

And yes, she’s had some fish blood in her!

Curing Roe for Salmon & Steelhead Fishing


Here’s a fun little exercise in futility: Ask a salmon angler what’s in his favorite cure. First, you’ll get a blank stare, followed by some incoherent mumbling and then a very deliberate attempt to change the subject – it’s almost as if you’re talking to a politician about illegal campaign contributions. Guys get very protective of their cures and it’s usually one of those don’t ask type of deals. It’s a dead end!

Luckily, there are plenty of commercially produced cures on the market that produce excellent baits. Pro Cure, Pro Glow, Shur-Cure and Pautzke’s Fire Cure  are all excellent choices, though my favorite ready-made cure for salmon is Atlas-Mikes Shake & Cure.  You really can’t go wrong with any of those. Each brand has it’s own suggested curing method so all you have to do is follow the directions on the side of the container and you’re in business.

If you want to really keep it basic,there are some new liquid cures out there that all you have to do is pour some over your bait and… Presto…in several hours, you have cured roe! Read my article on how to do that HERE  If you want to go ahead and try making your own cure, read on… [Read more...]

CA considers lead sinker ban

Ca-considers-lead-sinker-banSeveral states in the Union have banned lead fishing weights and California could be next on the list. Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed off on a three-year study at his Department of Toxic Substances Control to thoroughly examine the environmental impact of lead tackle and consider outlawing it. You can get more info at Outdoorhub

The public comment period ends Oct. 2 and you can have your voice heard HERE

If you want to speak out against the lead ban, the California Sportfishing League has started a petition to stop the ban