Great Last Minute Gift: Membership to GGSA!

If you are still scrambling to get gifts for your favorite anglers, look no further! Simply get them a membership to the Golden Gate Salmon Association ($35). The GGSA is fighting the good fight to keep California Chinook populations at healthy (and fishable) levels.

They’re a good outfit that’s actually doing good things!

Get a gift membership

Read all about the GGSA’s Mission

Willy Wonka’s Worm Factory

Mad River Manufacturing makes some of the best steelhead fishing products out there. Last summer, I stopped by and Jimmy Davis gave me a quick tour of his made-in-the-USA worm facility. For a steelhead angler, it’s kinda like being a kid with the golden ticket at the chocolate factory…only the “sweets” here are pink and rubbery!

Worms, fresh out of the injection machine and ready for separation

Worms, fresh out of the injection machine and ready for separation

Worms, worms, worms!

Worms, worms, worms!

Jimmy's not just a worm man...he pumps out Fish Pills by the bazillion!

Jimmy’s not just a worm man…he pumps out Fish Pills by the bazillion!

Faux roe, anyone?

Faux roe, anyone?

JD’s Holiday Gift Guide


Feel like a fish out of water at the mall? Yeah, me too! So, to help you get your holiday shopping done from the comfort of your own couch, I’ve compiled a list of cool things for the anglers on your list. By the way, these are all things that I have tried out and found really useful!

Just click and buy…and say goodbye to the crowds, the parking spot wars, the grumpy store employees, and the crazy ladies who throw elbows to get to the last item on the shelf.

You’re welcome!


The Fish Grip – $13.99

The Fish-Grip
These are cool… you can easily “get a grip” on you catch by locking The Fish Grip onto the bottom jaw – which allows you to more safely remove hooks and hold the fish up for a photo. And, unlike my BogaGrip, The Fish Grip floats! And, at under $20 it costs about 1/10th of my Boga, which I’m often too paranoid to use for the two reasons I just mentioned! $13.99

The Fish Grip – $13.99

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iPhone 6 Waterproof Case – $79.99

Trust me on this one, I’ve had these things for several years and they are not only water, dust, snow and shock proof, but also roe, fish blood, fish slime and Smelly Jelly proof too! If you fish and tale your phone with you, it’s a must have! $79.99

Check ‘em out HERE

Or if you need a case for the older iPhone 5S, click HERE


Salmon Truck/Boat Decal – $3

Salty Bones Salmon-Sticker

Give ‘em a sweet 11″x4.3″ salmon decal so they can decorate their favorite rig with their favorite fish…or if you fished the Sacramento River this year, this can remind you of what you didn’t catch!

Salty Bones Salmon Sticker – $3


STORMR Stryker Jacket – $325.95

I’ve been wearing the STORMR Stryker Jacket for a couple years now and all I can say is they are “da bomb” when it comes to warm, comfortable waterproof protection against the elements! It’s a great coat for the foul-weather loving person on your list. I use it to stay warm on those cold jet boat rides up the creek, the foggy days on the ocean and in the pouring rain on the coast while rowing the drift boat. Sweet coat!

STORMR Stryker – $325.95


Bogs Urban Farmer Insulated Rain Shoes – $90

rain shoes

I love these things…great for fishing, wearing on the boat and tromping around in the rain running errands…or scooping up doggie bombs in the back yard. Feet stay warm and dry!

Bogs Urban Farmer Insulated Rain Shoes$90


FISHWITHJD Cap – $15.95

FishwithJD hat

Make your favorite angler the coolest cat in the neighborhood with a FishwithJD Hat! $15.95


Gladiator Cargo Net – $165

Simply put, if the person you’re buying for owns a truck, this is a no-brainer, must-have item! Throw your gear in the back, cover it with a Gladiator with four easy straps and boom — no more ice chests, tackle boxes, camping gear, etc flying down the road. These things are the real deal and the 1-1/2? webbing is rated at 2,250 pounds! Burly! $165

Gladiator Cargo Net – $165


Mad River Nightmare Steelhead Jigs – $3.09

Yes, it’s a weird color, but red/black worms with a white head (“nightmare”) have been a big secret for steelhead along the coast for years. It took me awhile to buy in but I’m a big believer now! You’re favorite steelheader will love ‘em as a stocking stuffer.

Nightmare Jigs – $3.09


Scotty Bait Board – $18.21

This is a handy little devil for not only cutting bait but also organizing and stowing tackle. It fits into a standard Scotty rod holder base and then accepts all sorts of other Scotty mounts. Great for kayaks and small boats!

Scotty Bait Board – $18.21


TFO Gary Loomis Signature Series Steelhead Spinning Rod – $129


Designed by the master himself, these quality Temple Fork Outfitters rods are great multi-purpose steelhead sticks (drift fishing, bobbers, etc) at a very reasonable price. The steelheaders on your list will be stoked! $129

TFO Steelhead Rod – $129


TwisTech Spinner Maker – $79.99

It’s a ball to make your own spinners (and spreaders, etc) and the TwisTech Wire Former makes the process so easy. This is the model we used to make coho spinners in Alaska last summer. $79.99

TwisTech Spinner Maker – $79.99

Strongest Storm in Years to Hit California with Heavy Rain, Snow & High Winds


The West Coast is going to get hammered with a massive Pineapple Express type of storm that is projected to bring heavy rain and snow and high winds.

Rain totals of up to a foot are possible for the Sierra Nevada Foothills in California, Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and BC’s Vancouver Island. From Monterey, CA north, as much as 6 inches of  rain may fall in a  relatively short time. Snow levels should be high, but there will likely be good accumulation above 7,000 feet.

Sustained winds from 30 to 50 mph in the low lands and 70 plus mph could be seen on mountain passes.

The National The Weather Service in Monterey, California, said that this storm is “expected to be one of the strongest storms in terms of wind and rain intensity” since storms in October 2009 and January 2008.

Time to batten down the hatches!!

Caught in the Act: Bait stealing Dolly Varden Exposed!

Have you ever wondered how those annoying bait stealers in a river can pick you clean and seemingly never get hooked? Well, here are some underwater shots I took in Alaska this year that may shed some light on the situation. Check out as this 15-inch Dolly Varden runs off with my bait while eating around the hook! Clever little bugger!