Salmon on Dry Flies…The Movie!

Dry Fly salmonOkay, so humpies aren’t Alaska’s most beloved salmon. But, I tell you what…throw some topwater at ‘em and they’re a blast! YEEEEHAAAAWWW!!! By the way, sorry for the shaky camera work, but I was casting and working the fly with one hand and filming with the other! :)

JD heads north to Alaska for some super fun topwater dry fly salmon action!

The Salmon Cannon: Could this help migrating fish get over dams?

Fish ladders have long been used to help salmon and steelhead migrate up over dams, but some dams are too high and ladders just aren’t a feasible solution.

Well, now thanks to a new technology called the Salmon Cannon, migratory fish may be able to get over some previously impassible barriers.

A company called Whooshh Innovations looked at their own existing technology used to transport delicate produce, like ripe tomatoes or apples, without damage using vacuum pressure. They were able adapt their system to safely give fish a boost, and thus, the salmon cannon was born.

You can read the whole story here

Underwater Photos: The Rejection

Sometimes everything can be right…the cast, the drift, the bait…and still the fish don’t get hooked. Here’s an interesting scene I shot on a tributary to the Togiak River in Alaska, where a nice Dolly Varden does a fly-by on roe cluster but doesn’t commit to the bait.

The Dolly Varden makes his  move...
The Dolly Varden makes his move…
But something just isn't right…the close proximity of the camera perhaps?
But something just isn’t right…the close proximity of the camera perhaps?
Even that milky goodness seeping out of the bait wasn't enough for this guy!
Even that milky goodness seeping out of the bait wasn’t enough for this guy! Why do you think he didn’t go all in?