Underwater Video: Lake Tahoe Mackinaw 200 Feet Deep!

We just never know exactly what’s happening under the surface do we? I was over a big school of mackinaw on Lake Tahoe the other day and they didn’t want to bite. It seemed as if they had no interest whatsoever in our gear.

Boy was I wrong! I dropped my trusty Okuma WaterWolf camera down there and found that the curious little buggers were, indeed, very interested in my gear…more specifically my sinker! Check it out!

“Catastrophic” Salmon Losses Likely on Low, Hot Columbia River

The news from the great West Coast drought is getting worse by the minute. The Columbia River is currently running very low and warm…and deadly.

Over 200,000 adult sockeye salmon crossed over Bonneville Dam earlier this summer but those fish haven’t been showing up at the next crossing, McNary Dam.

Biologists are finding dead and dying salmon (along with sturgeon and shad) and the fish are showing signs of gill infections (temember the huge Klamath die off in 2002?).

It’s a really sad situation – especially when you consider this year was shaping up as a banner one for sockeye. Of course, similar situations will likely occur with fall Chinook, steelhead and coho unless the river magically and dramatically cools in the very near future.

Read more details on this HERE

Brook Trout Quest

I took the kid up to the Sierra high country today on a quest for his first career brook trout. With the drought warming low elevation waters beyond safe catch & release temps, we  headed up above 7,000 feet to find some cold water…

I wasn’t even sure some of the little creeks I used to fish as a kid would be flowing this year but we did find some trickles…flowing icy cold and full of dinky little char…


 It wasn’t long before junior got on the board…

In the skinny flows, stealth was essential…tiny jigs, 2-pound mono and a low profile were the tickets…


Nature’s artwork…


At the last little hole, Little Man hooked the whopper of the day. He was so stoked and said “I’ve caught king salmon, stripers, halibut and steelhead  that were waaaaay bigger than this fish, but that was so awesome!” Apparently he already gets the concept…

Beautiful spot…Great Day!  

Now, that’s one Huge Striped Bass!

Tom Tomasian, beast slayer and our number one fan on the East Coast, nailed this behemoth of a striper off the New Jersey coast recently. 

The massive bass (don’t you guys call ’em rockfish back there?) weighed about as much as 8 limits worth of California stripers…or exactly 62.5 pounds! 

I didn’t catch what he caught the fish on, one that big may have eaten a German Shepherd, a full-sized goat, two kindergarteners or maybe a Prius. 

In any case, that’s one heck of a striper!