Curing Roe for Salmon & Steelhead Fishing


Here’s a fun little exercise in futility: Ask a salmon angler what’s in his favorite cure. First, you’ll get a blank stare, followed by some incoherent mumbling and then a very deliberate attempt to change the subject – it’s almost as if you’re talking to a politician about illegal campaign contributions. Guys get very protective of their cures and it’s usually one of those don’t ask type of deals. It’s a dead end!

Luckily, there are plenty of commercially produced cures on the market that produce excellent baits. Pro Cure, Pro Glow, Shur-Cure and Pautzke’s Fire Cure  are all excellent choices, though my favorite ready-made cure for salmon is Atlas-Mikes Shake & Cure.  You really can’t go wrong with any of those. Each brand has it’s own suggested curing method so all you have to do is follow the directions on the side of the container and you’re in business.

If you want to really keep it basic,there are some new liquid cures out there that all you have to do is pour some over your bait and… Presto…in several hours, you have cured roe! Read my article on how to do that HERE  If you want to go ahead and try making your own cure, read on… [Read more...]

CA considers lead sinker ban

Ca-considers-lead-sinker-banSeveral states in the Union have banned lead fishing weights and California could be next on the list. Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed off on a three-year study at his Department of Toxic Substances Control to thoroughly examine the environmental impact of lead tackle and consider outlawing it. You can get more info at Outdoorhub

The public comment period ends Oct. 2 and you can have your voice heard HERE

If you want to speak out against the lead ban, the California Sportfishing League has started a petition to stop the ban

Name That Fish: Salmon River, NY Edition


Okay, this version of Name that Fish comes from our roving ambassador of fishing fun, Big Fred Contaoi, who caught this interesting little critter this very morning in New York’s Salmon River on a spawn sac. No,it’s not a sucker, squawfish, carp or whitefish…but can you tell what he is? Use the comments section to see if you can guess this guy’s identity…


For more fun with fish I.D., go to our Name that Fish section 

Water Chillers & Egg Injection: Desperate Measures to Counter Fish Loss During California Drought


With rivers running very low and unseasonably warm this fall, Federal and State fishery managers in California are scrambling to ensure salmon, trout and steelhead aren’t devastated  by drought conditions.

Ground was broken this week to install a $1 million water chiller at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery on the American River. The giant refrigeration unit will keep the  water cool enough inside the hatchery so that the fish won’t perish. A similar unit was added to the Livingston Stone Hatchery at the base of Shasta Dam earlier this summer to protect endangered winter-run Chinook fry from water temps in the high 60’s.

Fish heads are also considering a practice called egg injection on the Sacramento, in which Chinook eggs are raised in a hatchery until water temperatures in the river cool enough. At that point, the eggs would be injected into the gravel with a hose and then left to hatch naturally. The method, never used before in California, has shown great results in parts of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

You can read much more HERE

Underwater View: Braided line vs. Monofilament

Here are a couple underwater self portraits of me and a buddy fishing to try to prove a point. A guy I know swears that the fish don’t care if you tie your lure direct to brightly colored braid. I, on the other hand, always run at least 10 feet of mono (or better yet, fluorocarbon) leader material between my lure and mainline when using braid.

Speaking of monofilament, check out my top gear picks.

Take a look at the following two pix and come to your own conclusions…we begin with yellow braid tied directly to the hook.

Is that a laser beam??

Is that a laser beam??

In this shot, I switched to mono. Seems like a lot more fish around. Just saying…

Hey, the great yellow line from the sky went away and the fish came back!

Hey, the great yellow line from the sky went away and the fish came back!

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